Increasing Your Value

Opportunities to increase your value on earth


The following are various forms of capital which anyone can build in life to be secure and stable. Analyze your current situation and strategize to increase your overall value.

Spiritual Capital

This is determined by:

  1. The level of connection with God through fellowship with Christ Jesus
  2. The level of connection with satan through the fall plus religion, witchcraft etc,

Economic Capital

This is determined by:

  1. The amount of inherited finances e.g., Bank account of grandfather
  2. The amount of hard work and support to get finances e.g., salary, loan

Physical Capital

This is determined by:

  1. The value of natural giftings and talents exploited by the person e.g. athletics
  2. The amount of land and property inherited, e.g., plots, houses
  3. Amount of hard work and time invested to obtain property, e.g., academic

Social Capital

This is determined by:

  1. The unity and support from the core family, e.g., brothers and sisters
  2. The support and love from relatives, e.g., uncles, aunties, cousins
  3. The quality of friends and school mates’ support, e.g., in primary school
  4. Availability of a work place support systems by comrades, e.g., Staff welfare
  5. The instituted political systems in the community, e.g., Kyamas, SHGs
  6. The connection to national social support systems, e.g., NHIF