Curses of nakedness

Why we should wear and cover ourselves properly.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Aden, they realized they are naked. Then the Lord God came and clothed them. The word, naked appears four times in Genesis chapter two and three.

This means that God does not want anybody naked. God actually came to cloth Adam.


There is a universal law which says that old people should not expose their nakedness to younger people. It also stated that anybody who sees the nakedness of a man or woman older than him or her is can attract curses or demons to themselves.

Women are particularly not supposed to show their nakedness.

These are the reasons for some of the laws you see today.

  1. No mature person can find it easy to enter into the bed room of parents.
  2. People are forbidden from watching pornography, because it can bring curses or demons to them.
  3. Women have been known to curse people by showing their nakedness
  4. Any woman waking with poor dressing is cursing children.
  5. Any woman in picture or TV or movie who is naked is cursing people.
  6. The reason why some movies are rated “adult content” is because there are naked pictures of older people and if children look at them they are exposed to curses.
  7. A woman who covers are head shows that she is submitting to the authority of the order of God’s government.
  8. Noah’s son who looked at his father’s nakedness was cursed.

I shall teach lesson in full later.

But  never watch nakedness or show nakedness.