The Christian battle and the new corona player

We are now at the last week of the 40 days since lock downs began.



Forty is the number for spiritual maturity.

All over the earth the game or battle is very tense. Let me help you understand.


Using the analogy of football let me show you what is happening:


The game is played at home and away. In our away game at Calvary our team won 10:0. The only dangerous move the other team made is when their player called Ignorance scratched the heel of our captain Jesus.

Now we are playing at home. Our Captain now is Holy Spirit. The referee is still God the Father because He does not respect any person. He is highly Feared by both teams.


We are now at the last half of the second half, a few minutes before the game is over. 

The half term score was 2:2.  Our captain has told us that we were scored the two goals mainly  because of disunity.

We were two goals down at first. This is because we were scored two early quick goals which were scored by their new player Corona and  Economy. This shocked our striker called Preaching (who is now wearing a mask) and the other striker who was affected is called  Fellowship (who is now social distanced).

But, hallelujah!, our team equalized through our striker called Prayer.  Wow, prayer shot a powerful shot which crashed their goalkeeper called Fear into the net with the ball. The other goal was scored by our striker called  Family who controlled his head and nodded a corner kick taken by our midfielder called Humility.

Now the game is very tense. Our spectators (Angels) are shouting Lion of Judah, Lion of Judah.....!. More than conqueror!!.  Their spectators (demons and fallen angels) are shouting hard also. One of their strikers called Lies is trying to hit on our defender called Truth. But Truth was empowered by our Captain Holy Spirit and now is with the ball. The other defender called Fasting has been weak. He is the one who the player called corona used to beat our goalkeeper called Prayer. We know the player called economy also  beat our defender called Contentment and passed the ball to their striker called Lust to score their second goal. However, Fasting has been reprimanded by our Captain Holy Spirit to be strong and very courageous so that Lust shall not overpower him again. Fasting was fearing their goalkeeper called  Death but now he had realized Death is very powerless to stop any score he aims properly.  Their goalkeeper called Death has been acting as their Captain because their former captain (who was also their goalkeeper at game one) called Satan was crushed by a shot from Our former Captain Jesus who after receiving a good pass from our striker called Cross.

Our striker called Resurrection scored our goal number ten before they substituted Satan with their player called Lies as goalkeeper.

Our Former Captain is sitting on the bench and has been working with the present Captain Holy Spirit. It seems He might come into the play ground anytime because He has stood up and is warming Himself.  Our team is working hard as they hear the substitutes led by Joy  empowering them to be very strong and courageous.

 The players of Our team are:

1. Prayer - Goal Keeper 

2. Truth - Defender

3. Fasting - Defender 

4. Faith - Defender

5. Contentment- Defender

6. Patient - Controller 

7. Preaching- right winger

8. Fellowship - Center forward

9. Blood - Striker

10. Cross - Center forward

11. Resurrection - Left winger 

Substitutes- (Most of these played well in game one)

1. Love 

2. Life

3. Hope

4. Joy

5. Faithfulness

6. Praise



Their team players.

1. Death

2. Pride

3. Ignorance

4. Greed

5. Anger

6. Hate

7. Lies

8. Fear

9. Economy

10. Corona

11. Lust


Substitutes - They keep on substituting these frequently

1. Fornication

2. Murder

3. Religion

4. Selfishness

5. Witchcraft

6. Idolatry