What Jesus did for us

Shalom, brethren, This is the great salvation (gospel) which if we neglect we shall have no other way to be saved:


The Lord Jesus Christ,

1. Was smitten with 39 stripes, to take away our sicknesses and infirmities to give us healing and health. (2 Peter 2:24) 🦯✝️💘

2. He was spat on His holy face by sinners to take away our shame and give us honour. (Mark 15:19) 🖤

3. He was crowned with thorns to take away our confusion and give us a sound mind. (John 19:2) 💔

4. He was blindfolded to take away our darkness and give us the light of life. (Luke 22:64)❣️

5. He was accused by false witnesses to take away our condemnation and make us accepted in the beloved, (Luke 23:14, Matthew 26:59).💘

6. He was spear pierced on His heart to remove our guilt and give us eternal forgiveness, ( John 19:34) 💕

7. He was nailed on His hands to take away our dirty works and make us to serve God acceptably.( Mark 15:25)💔

8. He was nailed on His feet to take away our evil ways and make us to walk with God, ( Matthew 27:35, Luke 23:21)💔

9. He suffered hunger and thirst on the cross to take away our lack of daily bread to give provisions for our needs, (John 19:28). 💟💘

 10. He was exposed to public nakedness so that we do not walk naked before God but be clothed well. (Matthew 27:35)💔

11. He was forsaken by his friends and took our rejection so that we can understand the Love of God. ( Matthew 26:56).✝️

12. He was grieved and suffered great sorrow on the cross so that we might receive peace, hope and joy. (Mark 14:34, Matthew 27:46) 💔

13. He died on the cross and shed His precious Blood to buy us from the kingdom of Satan to give us eternal redemption. ( Ephesians 1:7)❣️

14. He rose from the dead to give us a new spirit  (Ezekiel 36: 26) which has never sinned before (2 Corinthians 5:17).  This made us to be justified and made ready for glorification at His second coming. (Matthew 28:6, Romans 8:28-29).✝️🛐