Five Characteristics of a New Testament Church

1. It is begun by the Apostolic and Prophetic ministries. This is directly sent by the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. It should be built by the Apostolic Team composed of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. One person cannot manage the local Church alone. 

3. It should have a minimum of 12 families in a particular location. Otherwise the gifts of the members will not be available to function.

4. It should have a maximum of 200 people in one place. Otherwise the gifts of the members shall not grow.  This is because the Church is basically built on relationships. A relationship of a family based of love and knowing one another.

5. It should have the 18 ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit functioning to develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit amongst its members and to minister to one another and the community.


The idea of leadership in the Church

If any group we should have leaders.

The Church should have Biblical leadership. The Bible talks of Apostles as shown above; 

Apostle, means to be send from one place to another. We have five types of apostles, three of which are no longer around

  1. The Chief Apostle- This was only for the Lord Jesus Christ. Apostles do not work alone. Jesus was joined by the Holy Spirit to work. In the New Testament, there is no apostle working alone.
  2. The resurrection Apostles: The 12 apostles of Jesus. The primary witnesses of the resurrection, hence, they were apostles of the resurrection.
  3. The Position of Apostle Paul: Apostle Paul as an apostle. The only one who met the resurrected Christ and was send by Him and wrote scriptures.  He was born out of due time.

Two kinds of apostle today.

  1. A Church planter apostle, but he never does it alone. He has demonstration signs. They should not become bishops of the churches they plant. They change from Apostolos to being episcopes.  There is no oversight of Church in the New Testament. There is nothing like hierarchy. It is the doctrine on Nicolaitans which the Lord Jesus hates.  The New Testament had one local church with many bishops but today we have the mistake of having one bishop in charge of many local church.
  2. Ordinary apostle, anybody send by the Lord to do something by the Lord is called an apostle.