What to do to be redeemed, and later receiving anything from God.

What to do to be redeemed, and later receiving anything from God

There are four things to follow, before any one receives anything from God. It is the same way Jesus Christ operated. It is the way to receive individual revival and cooperate revival. We can receive healing, deliverance, anointing, peace, prosperity, etc.  

1. The Work of Christ: we must trust in the finished work of Christ. Jesus Christ said,  “it is finished”.

2. The Word of Christ: The Word must be read. The Word of Christ must be carefully read and understood.

3. The Faith of man: Man must belief in the Word of Christ. 

4. The Work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit only brings to pass that which we have believed. If we do not believe The Holy Spirit will have not substance to bring to pass.

Why are the four steps are essential?

The work of Christ was done far away and lond ago in Israel, it was done even before we were born. When we preach this the Holy Spirit assists us to know what was done.

The only evidence we have to show that the work of Christ is only the Word of Christ. it is in the Bible. It is the Word of God. Therefore, the Bible or the Word of God makes us to have evidence of what was done by Christ.

If man believes this, The Holy Spirit will then manifest it.

That is why it was important for Christ to go to heaven and the Holy Spirit to come.