What the Lord did at His first coming and what He did not do.

What the Lord did at His first coming and what He did not do.

At the first coming, The Lord Jesus Christ did the following

1. The Lord delivered us from sin

2. The Lord granted us the life of God that we may commune with God.


1. Although the question of sin is solved, the problem of death yet remains.

2. Although the dominion of sin in man’s life is over, but the kingdom of Satan still lingers.

3. Although the power of death is broken, nevertheless our mortal bodies may yet die.

4. Although we are saved, we continue to live in this corrupt environment.

The holier the life, the deeper the feeling over the defilement of this world.


What the Lord will do at His second coming

  1. The second coming of the Lord is to change the world. He will not only give us enjoyment within but also allow us to enjoy the environment without because He will change the environment on earth.
  2.  The Bible does have the salvation of society or the salvation of the world in view, but this work will be completed only with the second coming of the Lord.
  3. Today the church is commissioned to preach the gospel that individuals within the world may be saved, and yet the Lord has not forgotten the world. We are called today to rescue people out of the world, and not to change the world itself. This world has absolutely no hope whatsoever. All the problems on earth will only be solved at the Lord’s return.