There are four things which every Christian must buy

The Four Things Every Christian Must Buy

God has given us freely everything in Christ. However, after we are in Christ, we are expected to use the life of Christ freely given so that we can grow and mature for God to entrust us with His Kingdom operations.  For example, when we believe in the Lord Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we receive freely the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. God requires us to buy more oil in our vessels. If we do not buy, we shall be in the class of the foolish virgins as described in Matthew 25. That vessels are our bodies. God expects us to have our bodies filled with the Holy Spirit as the spirit is filled with the Spirit. The infilling of the Holy Spirit and continuously being baptized in the Holy Spirit needs we deny our self, take up our cross and be committed to pay the price for walking by the Spirit. There are other four things we need to buy. They are listed here.

(a) “Buy the truth” (Prov. 23.23). In order to know the truth, one must be determined to practice the truth and to seek earnestly after it. To know truth means to objectively and subjectively experience the truth.

(b) “Buy . . . gold refined by fire” (Rev. 3.18). Such buying of refined gold and white garments and eye-salve is not action for the unsaved to take, because God cannot ask the unsaved to buy. Laodicea is, after all, a church. “Gold refined by fire” signifies that faith which has gone through trial and has been proven undefeated. It is the faith which overcomes environment (see 1 Peter 1.7). God allows you to go through a trial in order to show His love to you, and also for him to be glorified before Satan (such as in the case of job). This is environment overcoming faith.

(c) “Buy . . . white garments” (Rev. 3.18)—There are two kinds of white garments spoken of in the Book of Revelation: (1) those white garments we received before God, which garments are the Lord Jesus himself. We are clothed with Christ, and thus are we cleansed. Whoever does not have this white garment is not saved. (2) those white garments we wear before God, which represent the righteousness's of the saints (Rev. 19.8) that are the result of the operation of the Spirit of the Lord within us. Whoever does not have this white garment is naked before God and will not be rewarded.

(d) “Buy . . . eyesalve” (Rev. 3.18)—This is the revelation of the Holy Spirit, without which no one really sees.


The five make us  to value much more the love of God for us. We appreciate the value of our redemption. 

It shows that salvation brought us to a place where the new life in Christ is matured. The new life in Christ is the ressurrected life