Understanding Human Change, Climate Change, and God’s Judgement

Some of the things which are clearly seen on earth today are:

Tremendous increase in the frequency of Earthquakes, Droughts, Famines, Floods, diseases (HIV and AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, Mental illnesses), Human violence, Human greed, Family breakdown, Children disobedience, Calamities and Adultery and Plagues from microbes. This is prophesied in the scriptures, (Matthew 24, Luke 17, 2 Timothy 3)


There are fundamental thoughts and questions to be asked and honest answers to be given when one observes the past, present and future happenings on earth.  These include the following:


  1. Man, actions on the earth laws has been destabilizing the ecosystems order.
  2. We should understand ecosystem order and then reverse the man-made damage to the ecosystem.
  3. There are some key ecosystem drivers that are beyond man’s control like movement of wind, and rainfall.
  4. These events are controlled by God. God does this in respond to the state of man relationship with Him.
  5. Man has been making grievous mistakes on earth due to greed, demonic deception and ignorance. This has made God angry and God has shaken the heavens and the earth has moved. This has caused changes in weather patterns and man is calling this climate change. Isaiah 13:13.
  6. Climate smart agriculture as we want to call it, should not mean, we do not fear God and change our character to avert God’s anger. Then we start to show that we can still survive despite God anger and judgement being upon the earth. This is defined as foolishness by those who know God.
  7. Man has been worshipping the idol of money instead of God for a long time. God is jealous, for behind the money system is the devil who is destroying man so as to thwart the eternal plan of God.
  8. God is wiser and mightier than man and the devil combined. His plan shall be accomplished. He has in time past wiped away wicked generations and raised others which feared Him. He stopped the plan of fallen angels by the flood of Noah. He stopped the plan of Nimrod at Babel and scattered all humanity across the earth. He stopped the Babylon plan to rule His earth and gave the dominion to Medes and Persia. Since then, He has constantly been destroying proud leaders who oppress His creation. The last empire called UN thinks they can have a world order without God. They know God anger is upon their godless empire and are trying to act smart in the midst of judgment.
  9. God is now raising and maturing righteous men and women who shall reign on earth with His Son Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the one who shall restore the ecosystem damage of humanity during His millennial reign on earth (Isaiah 65:17-25). The situation on earth shall not change until the rapture of the Church, then the pouring of the wrath of God in its fullness on earth during the tribulation period. Then the second coming of the Lord shall usher in the binding and casting of the deceiving devil into the bottomless pit for a thousand years (Revelation 20).