Prophecy 2019

Dear dwellers on earth, The Lord has declared and He shall not repent. The season I began in 2018 shall be continued for your sake.

I shall move quickly to fullfil My Word

Your prayers shall be crucial in fullfiling my Word on earth. Have I not said we are colabourers?  I am God and I shall do all my pleasure. Watch and pray for those who shall dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under my shadow. 

Set you affection on things above and not on things on the earth, for the world systems shall be shaken and the shaking shall be fast. 

Fight the good fight of faith using my armour. I have taught you and am teaching you by My Spirit, keep my word, for those who keep my word shall see my manifestation.

Heaven and earth shall pass away but word remain. Keep walking in the way of love for in it your faith shall work.

Trust in me for your provision; Pressures and difficult times shall only be dealt sustainably by connecting with Me.

Seek my wisdom and be confident in me, I shall not fail you, saith the Lord God.