The choices of two families and their destinies

The choices of two families and their destinies

There are two families in the Book of 2 Kings from which we can learn that choices have generational and eternal consequences. The passages show a religious family and a family which is not religious. The non-religious family does good and surprisingly perceives God by observing a man passing on a road. The religious family does not know God although it stays in the company of people who know God and has religious titles like a prophet.

The passages show a God who works with those who fear Him in every nation and does not respect people. It shows a God who sends His servants to those who truly would reflect His nature and character.

It shows a careful husband and a careless husband. Its show a active wife and a passive wife. It shows a husband who listens to his wife and another wife who knew her ideas out of poverty would be rejected by a prophetic husband. A prophet is supposed to be more diligent in keeping his family out of debts by learning financial principles from both God and man. But here is a prophet whose carelessness makes him not to learn financial principles from either God or man. He eventually dies and leaves his son as slaves to be sold and his wife as a beggar. When good men are leaving an inheritance for their children, this man is leaving debts and slavery for his family. He knew how to get provision from God, but he decided to follow his ideas of borrowing.

In summary:


2 Kings 4:1-7

2 Kings 4:8-17

A family of a prophet

A family of a farmer

A head of the family feared God

A head of the family did not fear God

The family had two sons

The family had no children

  1.  4

The wife knew a man of God called Elisha

The wife perceived a holy man of God Elisha

  1.  5

The family had debts

The family had no debts

  1.  6

The family took their problems to the man of God

The family agreed to build a house for the man of God

  1.  7

The family was blessed by having their debts paid after the husband died.

The family was blessed with a child and continued to serve the man of God.

  1.  8

The women could not bow before the man of God

The woman could bow before the man of God by recognizing his delegated authority

  1.  9

This was religious family which did not know God

This was a family which gradually developed a relationship God