Prophecy 2018

The Prophecy for the year 2018

  1. Starting 2018, He shall henceforth be taking hold of the reins and rulership of the nations in the earth and the Body of Christ.  He says the season for men to be in charge is over.
  2. God says He shall perform His word which the prophets have declared for generations.
  3. God is going to withdraw His presence from those who have not valued His presence before unless they return to their passion for Him.
  4. He is going to remove His protection from those who have fallen in love with His blessings more than Him.
  5. God is releasing His presence and glory for those whom am sending for the harvest of the lost. I have enough labourers today who shall bring millions to my house.
  6. The counterfeit church has made Me to withhold signs and wonders because it made a god out of it and have not given me glory.
  7. 2018 shall be the beginning of the greatest supernatural display of the glory of God like men have ever seen. The story you have heard of the manifestation of the glory of God shall not measure up to the glory I shall release. I am no longer limited for I have an army of believers who have risen in faith and will declare our God can do anything. They shall be portals for the gates of my presence.  
  8. The days of the devil are over. I will put my people in places of authority and have great influence. I shall declare war on the devil and his kingdom.
  9. 2018 shall be known as a year of death to the wicked. You shall be amazed by the names in 2018 of those who are going to live the earth. I shall raise men who are unknown but shall be covered in news of what God shall be doing through them. 2018 shall be known as the year of the rebirth and life for the righteous.
  10. In 2018 in all nations, I am going to vindicate my Son Jesus Christ, am going to lift Him up and His Name. I shall answer long term prayers of the righteous. I will command the wicked to release and restore all than he has stolen from the righteous. I shall bless the righteous naturally. For the earth is full of my possession. The earth is mine, the Church is mine. I am making a fence around godly families.