A Testimony Poem

Dr. Josphert Kimatu, BSc, Mphil, PGDE, PhD

People have come spoken and gone

But you have touched my life

With a spark that will never go off


You have been like a God send angel

And your words have been the water

they have quenched my questions


Your educational path has been a challenge

Instilling in me the desire to study more

And achieve greater heights


You have been like an eye opener

A mind changer

Giving me the wider picture of life


I only dreamt of being a neurosurgeon

But now, I want to even do more on that

and get an honour in nanotechnological medicine


Your courage and boldness in facing life

Have charged in me with more courage

to go on in my life.


From PaulIne Muinde

St Angelas, Kitui

After a motivational talk at Ithwookwe stadium for the best five students in all Secondary Schools in Kitui County, 2016.