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How to Pray in the Morning



Guidelines for a fruitful morning daily prayer

Dear brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus, I have found the following items very important to guide in your daily morning prayer.

 The objective: To live a righteousness, holy and pure life that shall receive the Lord’s well done, good and faithful servant.


Preparation: Always wake up early. Early to me is waking up daily at 5:00am. Do not set an alarm clock. I used to set an alarm clock, but the Holy Spirit told me to rely on Him to wake me up at the appropriate time depending on His preparation for me. He has never failed. Two things to make you to wake up early are: To sleep early and to eat early (before 6:30pm) and less in the evening. I am admonished to sleep latest at 10:00pm. Sleeping late is very bad for the morning devotion. It also makes the next day very ineffective. If you make it a routine to sleep at 10:00am and wake up at 5:00am always, your body shall adjust and make waking up early as normal as breathing. The other precaution for waking up early is to eat less in the evening but drink enough water. Do not take much sugary foods or much rice in the evening.


Bible study: When you wake up, the first thing to do is to study the Bible. Plan to have a systematic study of the Bible. This means one chapter of a book every day. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the book to study. He is the teacher and guide to all the truth. He is the Author of the Bible. He reminds us of the truths and connects them to together. You can read a whole chapter in the morning or half of it in the morning and half in the evening. Study with a highlighter and pick key words. Memorize one verse every day. If you memorize one verse every day, at the end of the year you shall have memorized 365 verses. This can make you one of the best preachers in your country. You can even forget 100 verses and still have 265 verses which is excellent.

Prayer: After the Bible study, you shall have enough faith to pray. If your faith is not strong enough you need to take a weekend and study the Bible the whole of Saturday and Sunday afternoon. As you study the Bible be in a quiet place and speak very few words except the word of God and praises to God based on what you read. You might need a kind of a Bible retreat. You can study the 89 chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This will set you momentum for toping up every day with a chapter. Faith comes my hearing and understanding the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Items in your daily prayer:

The items are highly guided by the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us.

  1. Praise to the Father: There are three things to pray every day to the Father. These are: Hallowed be thy Name, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and Thy Kingdom come. I have come to know that these three items are the ones which make me to capture the day for God. We should include them in our prayer very early even before 5:00am. Just after midnight is when to capture the day for God. Some wicked people curse the day, but we bless the day by welcoming the manifest presence of God. Praise the Almighty God by confessing scriptures to Him like: This is the day you have made and we shall be glad and rejoice in it. Confess to Him that all things are possible with Him. Confess that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Confess that you totally depend on Him and that with Him you can do nothing, but with Him you can do all things. Confess that He God and nothing is hidden before Him. Confess that under His wings you trust. Thank Him for protecting you thoughout the night. Thank Him for making you His child by the Blood of Christ. Thank Him that He has a good plan for you. Thank Him that He shall never leave you nor forsake you because you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Thank Him for His family in heaven and the family on earth. Thank Him that you have power over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. 
  2. Forgive others: Tell the Father that you forgive anyone who has wronged you, then you ask the Father to forgive you. If you find it difficult to forgive, ask for grace to forgive. If you feel you have no reason to forgive, your prayer basically ends there. Then just ask the Holy Spirit to take over the situation. He is able to make it good. Thank, the Father for forgiving you and washing your sins by the Blood of Jesus Christ.  
  3. Ask for your daily bread: This is very important for your needs to be met. I always ask this as my monthly salary. For this forms the basis of my daily bread. I increase my salary through this method. If you find it difficult to give, it is because your daily bread might be little. At the same time thanks the Lord for the water and food you shall take throughout the day. Ask God to bless the water and food so that it shall be clean and nutritious so as to give you satisfaction. Ask Him for grace so that food does not have dominion over you. 
  4. Defeat the enemy: Ask not to be led into temptation, but to be led into paths of righteousness for His Name sake. Ask to be delivered from the evil. Satan should not interfere with your job, family, devotion etc.
  5. Praise the Lord You should praise and be thankful to God for He shall answer in a special way. He shall do exceedingly above all that you can ask or think. Praise Him by saying, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever.
  6. The complete person: Ask the Lord to strengthen you wholly. When we say wholly we mean, our spirit, soul and body.

This is how you do it. It very important for your daily walk with the Lord.

In the Spirit:  Ask Him to strengthen you in your inner person (spirit) with might by His Spirit. Then specifically know that your spirit has three parts. These are; the intuition, communion and your conscience. In your intuition: Ask the Lord to give and manifest the gifts of power, utterance and revelation through your intuition. This shall make you to demonstrate a living God throughout the day. Ask for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, discretion, prudence, the fear of God and skills. Ask the Lord to give you favour, grace in every situation in the day. In your communion: This is the part of your spirit that worships the Lord. Ask the Lord to grant you that your communion be worshipping and praising Him throughout the day. Ask Him to give you new songs and keep a joyful song singing for Him in every place. In your conscience: This is the part which monitors what is good and what is evil. Ask the Father for a good, clean, sensitive, tender conscience so that you can serve Him boldly in purity.

In the Soul: The soul consists of three parts, that is the will, mind and emotions. The first thing is to place your soulish life under the cross of Christ Jesus. This is actually what it means to carry your cross daily and follow Christ. In your will: Dedicate yourself to serve the Lord by confessing that you are not seeking your own will but the perfect will of God. Tell the Father that you love to do His will alone. Tell Him to continually reveal His perfect will in every situation in the course of the day. In your mind: Confess with devotion, that you shall set your mind on things above and not things on earth. Ask the Father to make your mind spiritual and not carnal. Ask for His peace to guard your mind in every situation. In your emotions: Ask the Father to help you in your emotions that you delight only in His way and works. The emotions part of the soul is made up of three parts, your feelings, your affection and your desires. All these should be dealt by the cross of Christ daily.

In the Body: The Body is made up of three parts, the bones, the blood and the flesh. The body wholly should be presented as a living sacrifice to God daily. The body should also be presented as instruments of righteousness for God to manifest the Life of Christ to others. The body is the actual temple of the Holy Spirit and should be set part for God’s purposes every day. The body which is presented to God is a powerful tool in the hands of the Almighty. Even the shadow of it can do great havoc to satan’s kingdom.

 Something to remember, is that the conscience which is found in the spirit and the mind which is found in the soul are both the ones referred to as the heart in the Bible. They are the channel God uses to manifest His will to the body and then to others.


  1. The armour of God: We are commanded to put on the whole armour of God every day. This is very important for spiritual warfare throughout the day. If you have the whole armour of God, then your angels will also fight for you with the armour.  We put on the armour by confessing, “I put on the whole armour of God and stand against the plans of the devil in the name of Jesus.” You confess the armour in full. The armour is made up of the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the girdle of truth, the shoes for preaching the gospel, the shield of faith, the sword which is the Word of God and prayer. Without the whole armour of God, you cannot be able to pray throughout the whole day and win. We are in a serious battle. The Lord told me, “it is dangerous to be a prayer less Christian on earth.”
  2. Blessings: Ask the Father to bless you and increase you spiritually, socially, economically and academically. Actually, the devil works very hard to keep believers in poverty, frustration, setbacks and confusion. He uses dreams to convince people that their situation is beyond remedy. But when you pray and be consistent every day, the devil shall be defeated completely and your vicinity shall be blessed.
  3. Intercession: Pray for your parents, wife, husband, your siblings, your relatives, your friends, your job or school mates, your local leaders, your national leaders, and the global leaders. Ask God to lead them to the fear of God, to righteousness, to godliness and ask for the mercy of God and love to be manifested in them. Bind the devil not to interfere with them. Ask God to bless them with His peace so that they can be in His perfect will always.
  4. Warfare: Do some spiritual warfare every day and rebuke, reverse, refuse any satanic deception through people or dreams so that you can be free from demonic bondages. Ask the Lord to give you an open heaven wherever you go so that your prayers can access heaven and heaven’s presence can reach you.
  5.  Bearing fruit: Ask to abide in Christ and bear fruit which abide forever. Ask the Lord to open your ears and eyes to see wondrous things in His word throughout the day. Ask the Father to send labours into His harvest field and even confess that you are ready to be send at His time. 
  6. Pray for Journey mercies: Ask the Father to give you journey mercies. Even when you are cooking or when you are walking from one room to another in your house. Ask for safety, convinience, comfort, joy and fruitfulness as you travel. Ask to have or meet companions who fear the Lord. Ask for grace to pass any test or temptation. Ask actually not to be lead into tempation be be delivered from the evil one. 
  7. Pray in the spirit: If you still have a burden in your heart about something and you cannot know what it is, then pray for more light to be shed in the situation. You can pray in the Spirit, in different tongues, but, make sure your mind is fixed on the Lord and on the issues you are praying for. Believe that the Lord is hearing and answering the prayer in the spiritual language. If your mind is not fixed on the Lord, you shall find yourself only repeating the same kind of words. This is immaturity. If you believe what you are praying, the tongues will change and be more joyous as the answers shall be delivered speedily