A Vision on Prayer and Angels

A vision of the protecting power of prayer and of angels assisting saints

 This vision was given to me (Josphert) by my coworker in Christ, sister Mrs Larry. I hope it shall strengthen your faith in serving Christ. All glory goes back to God our Father in Jesus Name.


 A vision of how we need to be patient and loving as we deal with men

 This is the vision I saw last night, which is very beautiful. In the beginning, I saw a young boy. You were talking with him. Then you found he has a serious problem of his knees. You found that his knee bones were broken. He could walk properly and he walked very slow to hid it. You said that God can heal him and even you can pray for him. He refused and he said he doesn’t believe it is true. Then, you said, you could pray for him first that he can taste and see that the Lord is good. He still refused it and even became angry about your sayings. He then got someone so that they both can fight against you.

I felt very funny and said, surely, he doesn’t know who you are and who Almighty God is. He rejected God of perfect healing. Then you left them with regret and went to another place. That was a big studio. There came a young boy who recognized you. He is a student and his major is something related to economy. His face looks like that foreign student whose religion is something like Seventh day Adventist. He was under the shadow of death. I can even see the death spirit around him. He told you, “brother, I need help. I am dying. If I don’t pass the exam, I will surely die”. The Lord told me the attack was because of the death movies he had been watching. Then I immediately saw in the spirit what he did. I saw he was very smart academically in the beginning. Then, when he began to study alone in the school, he began to watch death movies as if he was mad every Saturday and started to eat together with a classmate boy who is a very wicked monk every Sunday. That boy cooked very nice food for him, but the food was full of curses and poisons. I saw and told you immediately. And it seems that that boy didn’t know I was there and told you all these. You stood there very cool. Then you hold his shoulder and shook him very hard and said, don’t worry, brother, just prepare and go for your exam, don’t say any negative word, everything will be ok. Then he gained a little life and some evil spirits left him after you touched him. He went back to study very hard at once after that small deliverance.

Then you went to arrange many things which appeared so fast that I didn’t know what you were doing. Then the next day was the day of that boy’s exam, and it was a Saturday. I saw you were led by the Spirit to go to a cliff in a very high mountain. Actually, you jumped to the place behind the cliff and flying there. Then I saw that monk who is the classmate of that boy. He was making some spells and hexes there in a hidden place. You began to attack him immediately after you saw him. (The battle was in the air.) He began to fight back immediately. He knew there was someone disturbing him but he could not see that you. This is because you were hidden by your prayer. I mean that is a battle of prayer vs. spell. You were protected so well by the prayer you prayed before. I could even see an amount of fighting there which you won by a certain prayer you had prayed before. After some rounds of fighting, that monk’s power began to be lost. At last he fled away because the time for exam was over. The boy was already there. During that period of the exam, that monk student was so defeated than he had ever been defeated in the spirit before. That student won and he was happy and was even surprised.

Then I saw you went back and entered into a house which you were building and rested there. You looked a bit tired that seems you used a lot of energy in that fighting. It was near noon, and you just arrived and began to sleep.

That monk student was very angry and went to call his elder brother, who is a more powerful and wicked monk than him. Then his brother, that big monk began to search where you were. It seems that he knew you before. He was flying in the air and saw you were sleeping there but he could not attack you that because there were some angels there surrounding around you. And even those angels were helping you building that house which you were supposed to build that day.

Then immediately, I saw a big light shinning beside you and there appeared an archangel with some small angels. He touched your head and you woke up immediately. He said, Josphert, our Lord sent me to give you something. He is watching everything you were doing on earth. He is so pleased by the battle you fought. That he promoted you to be the No. 7 Saint on the earth now. Then he gave you a flag, which is white with some blue and red drawings there. He said, this is the certificate for your rank. You collected it and put it into a box. Then the archangel picked something like cloud to you and said, this is new power to you from our Lord. You ate it. Then the archangel left and you kneeled down and worshiped the Lord.

Then you were led by the Spirit and went to a sister’s house. That sister received a war proclamation, which was written by that big monk to you that he has declared a war to for you the next day (Sunday).

The next day you went to the place he appointed where it was full of all kinds of very bad spirits and most of them were death spirits. In the beginning, your power was not as strong as his that you were still examining and adjusting in that place. I felt so intensity to look because much death was just there and even the smallest mistake someone may just be eaten by death. After walking around, you began to fight. I just saw light and darkness wrestling together and then I woke up.