A vision of what is happens in the spirit realm as we fight spiritual warfare


Brethren in Christ Jesus, may these visions give you courage and revelation as you serve our Lord Jesus Christ. These two visions were given to my sister Mrs Larry Jane in China. Mrs Larry Jane used to be very spiritual before she was saved. She has encountered a lot in the spiritual realm.


Vision about the operation and revelation of the whole armour of God

I saw a lot of soldiers came near me with their armors on them. They were low level soldiers in the darkness kingdom where I used to serve. They came nearer and nearer. All of the sudden, I saw I was armed with the armor of God by a great power. I saw the parts of armor were put on me one by one: my loin was girded with the belt of truth, which is a very shining belt with a nice buckle; then the breastplate of righteousness, which surrounded my chest with the buckle at my back, but the front part is very strong; then I was shown with the shoes for the preparation of the Gospel of peace, which is a pair of very nice boots; then the shield of faith, which is from the ground to the height of my neck; then the helmet of salvation, which covers especially the place of my brain; then the sword of the Spirit, which is around 50 cm long. The whole armor is so nice and beautiful, shinning with golden light and especially it fitted me so well.

Then, I saw those soldiers stopped a distance from me. They began to throw fiery spears. I lifted up my left hand. The shield protected me perfectly. Then I lifted up my right hand with sword and cut down. I saw shining light and every soldier there disappeared all of a sudden.

The second day, Mrs Jane Larry saw this vision concerning her final deliverance

I met a man in the spirit, who looks just like Kamu [a spirit in the kingdom of darkness who used to fight with Jane before she was saved]. We stood face to face. He wore long white robe and with his armor on him. There were large numbers of soldiers behind him waiting for his commandments.

Then he said, here we are. I answered by the Spirit, this is day which will determine your eternity. The Holy Spirit directed me to watch the battle Him. Then I saw very large number of flaming angels waiting for the Word to be delivered. Praise the Lord!

Then my spirit said, Holy angels of God, I commission you to bind all those darkness spirits in the Name of Jesus. At once, those angles flew there and began to fight with the soldiers there. I then lift up my right hand with sword pointing to their leader and my spirit said, In the name of Jesus I paralyze your power and cast you to hell, and I command you never come back in Jesus name. I saw great light came and covered the demon and all those soldiers in a black ball and threw them out. They disappeared suddenly and left me and the holy angels alone. Then the place became very clean and a lot of lovely singing angels appeared praising God there.