The initial vision to build Lukenya Bible school

This was written eight years ago

Brother Josphert Kimatu

21st May 2008



The following reasons make me to be moved to construct and establish the above Bible school.

  1. The world population is increasing at an exponential rate hence we should supply quality spiritual food at the same rate. The need for the ministers of the gospel to be grounded and rooted for the work of the ministry has increased to great levels.
  2. We need to train leaders who teach others how to obtain quality spiritual food for themselves so that we do not have stagnant churches. This shall be done through addicting trainees to the Bible.
  3. We need modern Bible schools which make use of scientific development in God’s plan. How to use modern technology to effectively reach the world. For example having online classes, use of slides in teaching, making digital records, use of the internet to share the gospel. This is still far in Africa.
  4. To train ministers how to practically teach believers to venture into activities which make them to earn income. This shall be done by taking the students to teach villagers about new technology, innovations, health, education, farming, etc. The church has to be the salt of the world. The students shall be having games teams, farming activities, laboratory work, to be able to understand all kinds of crafts.
  5. Invite and sponsors students who have a call of God but can not afford to go abroad for studies.
  6. Assist gifted students and persons through invitation for special classes, eg guitar training for all, video, photography classes for all, farming classes for all, engineering classes for all, and computer classes for all.
  7. Provide parental training for families in collaboration with Churches. This shall be done to reach out and train talented pastors and call upon counselors to help families even those who are yet to know Christ.
  8. Provide pastoral care for secondary and primary schools students around the area. This shall be down as long as the Bible school stands on weekly basis. This is provided for in the education system in Kenya but the students stay idle as no body thinks is capable of training them. This shall reach far and wide with the vehicle (approx over half million students per week).
  9. Provide Christian mobile films and videos for churches, schools and the public. This shall enable the body of Christ to come to the unity of the faith. There has been a great gap in this area, hence school dropouts find nothing to entertain them in the village and hence engage in destructive activities. The vehicle and generator shall be of great help in this respect.
  10. Produce Christian materials especially tracts which are relevant to the communities in Africa. This shall also include recording the Church development in Africa.
  11. Train pastors to do research and how to present findings before others. This shall include the spiritual search of the Word of God, and make analysis of topic such as spiritual warfare, fasting, laying on of hands, discipleship, baptisms, eternal judgments etc. This shall make them to know how to prepare a grounding sermon each week for the church. We shall lodge a journal for pastors to publish their findings.
  12. Make use of trained personnel in the area to equip areas with their knowledge. This shall include doctors, lawyers, bankers, business people, politician etc who we shall invite for seminars so that they can give to the community in our social hall or tents. This shall make the men and women in the village ask to questions after they are given a basic lesson about their role in the society. Then we shall try to bridge the gap between the holy and the unholy in the presence of these influential people. This kind of idea has never come up through the Church before and is in great need in Africa now. Even as AIDS is wiping villages.


The budget for the construction

Items needed

  1. Classes: Four classes each to have 24 students each
  2. Dormitories for men and women, bathrooms for men and women, five water tanks, Five toilets for men and women, Dining room/social hall, two stores, Kitchen, five staff houses for families.
  3. Library/ computer room with four computers / games store/ agriculture and tools store, type writer, generator
  4. Furniture: desks: 40x5=200, tables: 10x4= 40
  5. Fence
  6. Building blocks, cement, iron sheets, paint, wood, windows, doors, ceiling, nails, wiring
  7. Vehicle for school
  8. cooking Utensils, mattresses, blankets, cupboards, 2 TV, Radio, telephone, internet connection

 Analysis of cost

  1. Cost per house to be ready for use: ksh 250, 000. Total number of house pieces needed: 47: total cost= ksh 11,750,000
  2. Total Cost of land : 250, 000 @ ksh 50, 000 per acre ( Already provided)
  3. Total Cost of computer: 4@ ksh 40 000 each= ksh 160 000
  4. Total cost of generator: ksh 150, 000
  5. Total cost of one students necessities @ ksh 2000 each x 24x4= ksh 200, 000
  6. Transport costs of materials/ preparation of site: ksh 65, 000
  7. Total cost of furniture: type writers, desk/chairs/ table/ stationery at unit cost of Ksh 1200 x 40 = ksh 48 000
  8. Full time Supervisor allowance for two years at 20,000 per month x 12x2= ksh 480, 000
  9. Social materials and teaching materials TVs, Projector, etc approx Total cost: Ksh 224, 000
  10. Bible school van cost :ksh 450, 000
  11. Cost of whole manual labours for fittings for two years: ksh 250, 000


APPROXIMATE WORKING GRAND TOTAL: Kshs 13777000 or ($ 229 617)


Other advantages:

  1. I have so many books, tapes, CD and DVD for Christian learning
  2. I am a Bible teacher of proven performance. Most of my students are pastors
  3. My wife a graduate who teaches Christian religion education in high school
  4. My two brothers are University Theology graduates who pastor Churches.
  5. I have travelled far and wide and I have so many contacts for seminar teachers.
  6. The Bible school shall be near Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya.
  7. We want to reach Asia especially China by teaching Chinese language and customs so as to send missionaries there. Africa has no problem in China.
  8. I know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.