Mobile Phone and Evangelism




he mobile phone is a communication gadget, which is portable. It has become very  fancy nowadays that it is almost being used to define the status of an individual. It has the following major parts.

 1. It has the hand set. Which generally is what is handled with the selling name. It has some value but it can be called the house of the other components,

 2.The battery of the mobile phone. This is the power storehouse of the mobile phone. It can not store power for a very long time without being recharged.

 3.The line of the mobile phone. The buyer normally selects this. One has to decide which network is operational in his or her home area and then get connected to that network.. There are personnel that control how you can benefit from your phone. This depends on how much you pay for their services.

 The motherboard of the phone. This is the computerised manufacturer’s assembly for the mobile phone, which dictates its operation capacity and capability.

 I would like that we equate the mobile phone and its operation to man, salvation, God and the devil.

 1.The body were man lives is the hand set. It actually is the one seen by all it can be decorated and even priced by its attractiveness. Some can be small others can be quite large almost booth like. But all are handsets. Your body is the handset to carry all your valuables. If it falls and breaks or shakes seriously some or all that is inside can be lost. One has to take care of the body. Some things can pass through the handset and destroy the inside components. For example water, dusts and excess heat. Some things can enter the body of a person and destroy its operation example alcohol, drugs, excess noise, radiation, excess foods etc.

 2. The spirit of man is the powerhouse of man. Just like the battery is the powerhouse of the mobile phone. The power, which drives man, has to be stored here. God made man to always be fellowshipping with Him this was to be the way man was to be charged. Even at the garden of Aden God used to come to fellowship with man. We are refreshed in His presence. For in His presence is fullness of joy (Ps 16:11). David knew that the LORD was his strength. (Ps. 27:1). When man sinned he lost fellowship with God and actually died spiritually. He lost the ability to talk to God (Prayer). But God still loved man that He sends Jesus Christ to come and restore the fellowship that man lost with God. He came not to repair the battery, which was damaged by sin, but He came with a brand new battery. A new spirit (Ezekiel 36:26). So that if any man be in Christ he becomes a new creature. Those who are not in Christ have only handsets and damaged batteries. They can not make any calls to heaven although they can show people their expensive decorated handsets. Jesus said to Nicodemus that he must be born again (John 3:3). Even after you receive the new battery you need to be recharged daily by Christ so that you can bear fruit to Christ. He said that if you abide in me and my words abide in you ask what you want and it shall be done (John 15:5).

You can charge the battery using electricity (Holy Spirit) which is connected to the main source Jesus Christ. Or one can use locally available car batteries to charge the mobile phone (anointed men and women of God) somebody told me that electricity is much better than car  batteries.

 3.The line that one can use depends on one ‘s choice. We have only two line spiritually. These are: one, the good line which connects one to God through Jesus to heaven and two, the demonic line which connects one to the devil and hell. Jesus has given the conditions to be connected to God i.e. repent, believe in the Lord Jesus, be baptised in water, and receive the Holy Spirit. If one does not strive to get connected to God, the devil will try to connect him to himself automatically. There is no neutral ground when it comes to the line of communication spiritually.

 4. God made the mother- board and it enables one to choose, which line to follow. It is like the soul of man. It enables one to have the capacity to think, choose and decide. It has programmed music, time, melodies, records, phone books, messages, call services, phone settings, security, audio settings, tools etc.  One can decide to renew his mother- board by reading the word of God and meditating on the word of God. One can set time alarms for prayer and devotion, cancel all worldly calls and divert them completely from his phone. No one should be tempted to put two lines in his hand set. This is just self-deception. You are either heaven connected or hell connected.

 Choose today to get connected

 May be your hand set is having a dead battery which can not charge. And may be you have been trying to charge it with beer or tobacco. Some have even tried charging it with foods and music but it has not charged. Others have secretly been told to try women and men for charging but it has not worked. In fact they became more drained and felt more

 empty.   Please I beseech you to come to Jesus. Call upon the name of Jesus and you shall be given instantly a new heart and then, you shall never be thirsty again John 4:22. This is what is called to be born   again.

2. Change your line immediately by your volition or by your will and tell the Father in heaven to accept you as you come to Him through Jesus Christ (Heb 7:25). This is called repentance. Throw the other line completely. Your should never be connected to any other line even if it is “complaining per second”.

 3. Be sure to wash out your motherboard from any recorded information and ways of the former life. This is done by daily reading and meditating on the word of God. (Bible), fellowship, prayer and reading of Christian books. This is not a easy work but it is the one which makes the difference between the boys of God and men of God.

 4. The mobile phone is a delicate object to the extent that only serious users can maintain them in the best performance abilities. The lazy ones might never know the full potential of a mobile phone. It can work as a camera, letter writer, Internet connector, news reporter, puzzle analysers etc. You must work out your salvation with fear and trembling so that you do not miss any of the precious promises of God. The key for all this is the quality decision that you must and must walk in holiness so that you can see God. Holiness is the network of the line of God. Follow holiness without which no man can see God (Heb 12:14). Sin will definitely land any one into the network of the devil. So child of God set your self apart for God in all areas. Let me say that any fellowship, which does not take holiness seriously, is not in the net work of God. And when the Lord shall call the Church during the rapture they will not hear His trumpet.

 5. Other accessories: for the net work of God are spiritual gifts. Free healing, free angelic protection, free eternal life, free joy everlasting, free grace, free mercy, free peace, free love, free power, free guidance, free truth, free goodness, free provision, free promotion as the Holy Spirit daily loads you with benefits (Ps. 68:19).

 6. Remain in the network zone so that you can make calls and receive informations about the growth and advantages of your network. In case you are in the network zone as far as you know check the following for trouble shooting options. One, the battery might be very low (check your prayer life and your fellowship) for charging, two, your  mother board might need re-programming hence the need for deliverance and further customer care services (Jeremiah 33:3)