The devil is trying to hide himself from the world yet the word of God makes him absolutely conspicuous. For example;

 The nature of the devil

The Bible states that the devil is a created being who sinned against God because of his wisdom, and beauty and pride. Because the devil sinned by aspiring to be like God he tempts people with the same ambition of liking to be equal with God. The warning for us is let us watch lest we being puffed up we fall in to the snare of the devil (1 Tim 3:6).

The most secure place to avoid the devil’s traps is to be in Christ at all times and places.

The following Biblical study of the nomenclature of the enemy should enlighten us to expose his lies.


The Ten Names of the Enemy

 1. The dragon, (Rev 12:9): This indicates his cruelty.

2. The Old serpent, (Rev 12:9); This indicates his deception.

3. The devil, (Rev 12:9): This indicates his temptation.

4.  Satan,(Rev 12:9): This indicates his hatred.

5. The god of this world: (John 14:30). This indicates him being the head of all religions the of world.

6. The prince of the world in John 14:30 alludes to his being the chief of the world of politics.

7. The prince of the powers of the air (Eph. 2:2) This adverts him as the king of evil powers.

8.  The accuser of brethren (Rev 12:10) he is the accuser of brethren.

9. As a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) he is a terror to those who are ignorant, careless and unwatchful.

10. Fashions himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:13-15) to the watchful (the saints) he is a great counterfeiter and pretender.


His Religion

His religion always worships with the spirit of confusion. The Lord told us about “ the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of  Satan. Rev 2:9.”


They just say want they are not and feel happy in the lie and foolishness.

They do not know that they sacrifice to demons and partake of the cup of demons (1 Cor. 10:20-21). They also have the doctrine of demons (1 Tim 4:1-4). Hence the satanic religion includes hypocritical people, who have demonic communion, sacrifice and doctrine.



1. He works in the sons of the disobedience (Eph 2:2)

2. He blinds the minds of men so that they will not believe in Christ (2 Cor 4:4)

3. He gives false peace (Luke 11:21)

4. He secretly stirs people to oppose truth (2 Tim 2:25-26)

5. He oppresses people (Act 10:38)