Knowing who is man


Sincerely speaking I have been to many places but hardly do I find a man who is satisfied. Men are seeking satisfaction. What is to be satisfied? To be satisfied is to be content with any situation and be ready to face the future with what you have. I am sharing the genuine godly answer of men’s thirst and hunger for satisfaction. I am satisfied.
For you to be satisfied you do not start by tasting everything and anything around you. Some have tried all types of dished, dressed, drugs and have ended up disturbed. For anyone to be satisfied he or she must start by going to his or her maker and learning the maker’s idea of a man’s composition.
God in His infinite wisdom made man in three or two parts depending on the way you see it. The word of God says we are spirit, soul and body (1Thess 5:23). And God says that this is wholly. So man is three in one. The body was made from physical clay by God. The spirit was from God (Eccl. 12:7). The soul is a by-product of the combination of the spirit and the body. It is the connecter of the two.

The description of man

The Body

The body is able to respond to the surrounding by use of the five senses. The five senses are touch, see, smell, taste, and hear.
This depends on the efficiency of the nernous system and other tissues.

The Soul

The soul of man has three main parts

The Will

This component enables one to decide and stand firm on to an action. If the will is not free and strong, one becomes a slave and prisoner very easy.

The Mind

This is the most important connector between body and spirit. It enables one to think reason and plan. It is supposed to be keep by the peace of God (Philp 4:7, Isaiah 26:3). If mind is not functioning, as it should be, that person cannot even learn from God. We understand by our minds.

The Emotions

The emotions which are in men are man’s desires, feelings and affections. Emotions are likes and dislikes, the love and hate etc. in men. The word of God commands us to set our affection (strong emotion) on things, which are above and not on earthly things (Col 3:1-2). Many Christians are laboring to satisfy their emotions on what cannot satisfy. The word of God says, they labour in vain (Ps. 127).

The Spirit

The spirit is the noblest part of a man. It is the real us. God finds it easily to communicate to us by our spirit. The spirit has the following components.

The Intuition

This part enables us to know. It is the greatest part which if it is convinced, we can act even without asking the opinion of our minds. I know of heaven because of my intuition. I need no more argument for I know whom U have believed and am persuaded that He is able (2 Tim. 1:12).

The Communion

This part of the spirit enables us to worship and serve God. God is spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). This is also the way to reach and serve God (Rom. 12:11). The Holy Spirit lifts us to worship and fellowship with God.

The Conscience

This is the most crucial in a man. It is the voice of the heart which tells us wrong or right. It is the carrier of faith. It must be informed aright or else it will be weak and evil. A good, strong and clean conscience is what is demanded by God and His law. To obey the conscience is peace. To disobey the conscience is trouble. This is because it will never keep quiet.

The heart of a man
Most people do not understand when the Bible speaks of the heart. They imagine of the organ for blood circulation, the heart is a combination of the mind, the intuition and the conscience. Friend there is a difference between the mind and the brain. The brain is the physical organ.
There is a difference between the spiritual heart and the body heart.
Also there is a difference between the mind and the brain.
God, the world and man are related to each other as shown below.

The mind of the soul and it will will decide which way a man will follow. The spirit man feeds on God’s word, the soul feeds on mental good to develop will power and the physical man (body) feeds on physical food, how each food type is received and how it operates will be discussed next time.