Repentance is the first thing you must do


We always repent towards God the Father. Acts 20:21.

21 Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

 The enemy still tries to bring things which deceive people that they have repented, but they have not. These things are for example,

a). REGRET : to regret is to be sorry with what you have done to your life. Oh! You really regret but that cannot set you on your path to heaven!

b). REMORSE : this is to be sorry to what you have done to others e.g as judas Iscariot to Jesus Christ. This is still is not the way to glory.

c). REPENTANCE : this is to be truly sorry to what you have done to God e. g Luke 15 the prodigal son said “I have sinned against God”, David said in Psalms 51 ;4 “against thee, thee ONLY, have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight” . Joseph said in Genesis 39: 9 “ How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”. See, repentance does not look at Uriah as in the case of David. For Uriah was the husband of Bathsheba whom David slept with! Because that would be remorse nor even to Potiphar as in the case of Joseph. Repentance is always towards God. 



Repentance takes place and affects the following areas.

  1. Thought – change of your thinking
  2. Word- change your words
  3. Deed – change actions

Some of the factors which are vital to repentance are :

  1. It depends on the degree of divine revelation and this can take time.
  2. Repentance is usually particular and not general.
  3. Repentance involves the changing of mind i.e “Metanoia – which means to have second thought e.g Paul said in Philippians 3:8 said “ I do not count them but dung, that I may win Christ.

Isaiah 55:7 says “ let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon”. Repentance is a U-Turn.

A change to do according to God’s command. If one changes, but not to God, that is not repentance. It is to turn to God.


John cried out and said, that we should produce actions, which show that we have repented ( Matt. 3:8). Actions must change. When the prodigal son repented he left feeding the swines and came home ( Luke 15). When Zaccheus repented, he returned times four what he had stolen  and gave ½ of his goods to the poor. It is only then that Christ dais, “ Salvation has come into his house’ ( Luke 19). You can also see deeds of repentance in Acts 19. No matter what cost, burn and bury the works of the kingdom of darkness and turn to God.
Christ said in very tough words “ Repent or perish” ( Luke 13:3). To perish means to be thrown away because you are of no value to God.
Any man who has not repented has no value to God and God cannot allow you in heaven because you are really dangerous for his kingdom and heaven.
Hence, he will cast you into the dustbin of God called lake of fire to burn forever and ever. Repentance is so important that all heaven, and Angels stand and rejoice when one man repents and turns to God.



  1. Be serious with sin - turn away from it. The wages of sin is death. ( Romans 6:23)
  2. Be specific and repent each specifically.
  3. Depend on every immediate revelation about sin, iniquity and trespass and repent it.
  4. Be sensitive, until you became like Christ- Christ be formed in you.

Acts 17:30 “ God commandeth all men everywhere to repent”. Acts 2:38 “ repent and be baptized everyone in the name of the Lord Jesus”. Acts 26:20. “ They should repent and turn to God”. Matt 11:20, Jesus, “ upbraided cities because they never repented” Luke 24:47 “ repentance and remission of sins should be preached’ Acts 5:31 “ to give repentance to Israel”. Acts 11: 18 “ to the Gentiles, ( GOD) has granted repentance unto life”. Rom. 2:4 “ the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance”, 2 Tim. 2 :25 “ If G d par adventure will give them repentance”. 2 peter 3:6 “ it is not his will that any should perish, but all should come to repentance”.
Friend, repent or you will perish! ( Luke 13:3).
And if you repent that is still a negative aspect so you need the next step, which is positive, and it is in believe in the Lord Jesus. see the next lesson.



This is to certify that I ………………………….(name). Understanding that I am a sinner, I repent my sins and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, He shed His blood to wash me from all sins, iniquity and transgression, He was buried and that He rose again from the dead for me to be justified. Today I receive Him in my heart as my personal Saviour and Lord. I commit my spirit, soul and body to Him forever so as to do His will. I also thank God the Father for sending the Holy Spirit to teach me about Christ Jesus. Hence Holy Spirit I receive you today to teach and guide me to all truth. 
By the grace of God I will: 

  1. Go to God in prayer daily and live by faith (Phil 4:4,7)
  2. Read God’s Word daily (2Tim 3:14-17, Acts 17:11). 
  3. Obey God at all times (Luke6:46-49, John 14:21).
  4. Walk by the power of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:16,17). 
  5. Tell others about Jesus by my life and words (Matt 4:19, Acts 1:8).

Have fellowship with other believers in Christ Jesus (Acts 2:42-47, Heb 10:25).

 Name………………………...............……Signed……................Date………………                                                             (New Believer)

Any witnesses?






We love you and it is the desire of the Body of Jesus Christ to stand with you. So Dear saint of God Pray this prayer aloud and we believe together with you that great blessings will follow your life. We must resist the devil and he will flee from you forever..

In the Name above every name, the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord  We break into pieces every spiritual screen which the devil is using in monitoring you , we destroy every spiritual mirror, spiritual tape, spiritual recorder, spiritual camera and the spiritual properties which satan has set against you.

We REBUKEBIND and CAST out of your life all evil terrestrial, aquatic and celestial spirits against your life and circumstances , We COMMAND the Holy Ghost Fire to consume all of them and we lock them with the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven never to rise until the Judgement day of the LORD. We bring down and tear, shatter and burn with the Holy Ghost Fire every generational curses in your life, all the demons of frustrations , stress, depression, anxiety, diseases, witchcraft, sexual immorality, drinking, stealing , manipulation, living opposite life, every evil spirit trade market and banks where your money has been traded, all the demons swallowing your money and prayers all the demons sitting on your doors of blessings together with their doors frames, every satanic scheme, strategy, network, yoke, captivity and all his plans in your life IN THE CURSE NULLIFYING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Just remember it is written in Matthew 18:18, verily I say unto you whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Stand on this Word of God and loose yourself from all powers of darkness in Jesus Name. Amen. Walk in Divine health, Divine Victory and Divine Faith.

Our Prayer to you is that Our Father in Heaven strengthen you in your inner person with all His might by His Spirit, Fill you with the knowledge of His will, Perfect all that which concerns your life, open your eyes of understanding in all situations, especially to see wondrous things in His Word, grant you the gifts of the Holy Ghost in order to be an effective servant of your Lord, be your fortress, light, peace, salvation, strength of your life, deliverer and an ever present help.  His grace to be sufficient to you at all times that you be productive in every good work. God will load you with blessings everyday by the power in the covenant of the Blood of Jesus Christ which speaks on your behalf.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17)

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